Marketing strategies real estate agents should improve this 2018

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Trends do change. Getting stuck at one strategy at this day and age where every marketing campaign change every week can be bad for business. To boost sales this 2018, we updated some real estate marketing techniques that you should adapt to.

Clean your database

Starting fresh is always a good start. Having a clogged data can waste your email marketing efforts. Too many bounces and spam activity can also be bad for your campaign. Clean your data and get rid of those inactive accounts once and for  all.

Add live chat to your website

Personalized and fast correspondence is a trend this year. Add a live chat so that your web visitors can inquire right away and can turn into hot leads. Chat gives the customer a great website experience and helps you get the information that you need.

Reconnect with previous clients

Maintaining a good relationship with previous clients is always a great idea. Sending e-cards once in a while or offering them promos is a great way to reconnect with them.

Create content that matters

Stop creating listings that are not worthy of being looked at. Your listings should have high resolution photos, engaging caption, and full information that the clients will need. You wouldn’t want them to bounce out of your website because of incomplete data.

Narrow marketing focus

Jack of all trades, master of none. The best way to get more leads this 2018 is to narrow down your marketing focus. Narrowing your audience can help you identify which strategy you should use. It can also lessen your time spent in the actual marketing process.