August is a lull period for most real estate agents, especially ones based in Southeast Asia. Ghost Month in some countries sees local buyers delay buying decisions while developers elsewhere use this time to regroup and layout future plans for the final few months after a busy first half.

This doesn’t mean activity stops altogether. The real estate market is always moving. However, many property professionals utilize the slowdown to take a deep breath and think about what they can do to have a successful rest of the year. With that in mind, here are four tips to help real estate agents finish 2022 strong.

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4 tips to help real estate agents finish 2022 strong

1) Clean up your listings

Some agents are really good at keeping their listings up to date. Others? Not so much. If you fall into the latter group, take this time to review the properties you have online. Remove any properties in your portfolio that have been sold and also see if there are any duplicate listings.

2) Update current listings

Speaking of listings, why not update some of your older ones that may not be gaining much traction? Adding new photos or providing a little more detail in the description section can give it a much-needed boost and perhaps bring in new interest to close the year.

3) Network

Take this time to get out and do some networking. There are various events happening within the real estate industry where you can meet new people and learn more about opportunities that won’t be found sitting behind your desk.

4) Reach out to old clients

You countless happy clients, but when was the last time you spoke to them? Give them a call and see how they are doing. They will appreciate the bespoke care and you have a chance to ask them some targeted questions, such as if they plan on moving soon or if they are considering a real estate investment.

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