Things real estate agents can do to stay busy during December

December real estate agents
There are several ways real estate agents can stay busy in December

December tends to be a slower month for the real estate industry. Home buyers and renters have either already made a decision or are waiting for the new year to begin. However, things don’t come to a complete standstill.

We have come up with four things you can do to keep yourself busy and maybe even bring in a few extra clients. At the very least, these will help lay the foundation that can see you hit the ground running in 2022.

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1) Send out a free gift

December is the holiday season and real estate agents should get into the spirit by sending out a free gift. People will appreciate something small, like a gift basket or mug with your logo on it. Our favorite though is the humble calendar. Think about it. How many calendars have you actually bought during your life? The answer is probably none because you have always had them given to you.

It doesn’t have to be anything overly creative or fancy. All you need is strong branding, photos of properties in your portfolio and easy to find contact information. You may assume this is expensive but think about it like this: how much would pay to have your details in front of clients each and every day? That is what a calendar can offer.

2) Host a holiday party

People love holiday parties. If you have room in the budget to throw one for your clients, partners and staff, definitely organize it. These can be a great way to network and keep in touch with those you have worked with in the past.

3) Update your listings

The quality of your listings is incredibly important. They are the first point of contact most people have with a property. What they see and read about it will determine if they ask for more information or simply move on to the next place. December is the perfect month to work on improving these.

Get a few new photos, add some extra details and punch up the title. This will ensure your listings are looking good when business picks up again in January.

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