Blogging and social media for real estate agents

Technology has revolutionized the way we do real estate marketing. It has shortened the gap between potential buyers and real estate agents, making it easier for two parties to connect with one another. Knowing basic digital marketing techniques can do wonders for your real estate business. Here are some tips that can help you improve your online real estate skills.


  1. Make it feel like it’s not an ad– People nowadays do their best to avoid any sort of advertising. People seek information whenever they read something online. Blogging directly can disinterest your audience. Write something informational once in a while to engage readers.
  2. Listicles – Popularized by websites like Buzzfeed and Huffington Post, listicles are articles featuring a list that’s very easy to read and sometimes funny. Write an interesting list about your top five properties located in a certain area or the best restaurant to go on a date in your neighborhood. This will not only pique the interest of your readers, but it will also promote the properties that you’re selling.
  3. Spend time on your blog – Starting a blog is no joke. If you’re committed to making it big using this platform, then you need to post regularly. Two to four blog posts each week can help in boosting your blog’s audience.

Social Media

  1. Great photos – Social media users are mostly visual learners. This type of audience can receive information better through an eye-popping graphics. Ask a graphic designer to create header templates for your Facebook posts. Posting high quality photos of your properties can also help in getting leads.
  2. Time appropriate – Facebook posts that are related to holidays have more reach than regular posts. So be sure to greet your audience whenever there is a holiday.
  3. Short copies – Keep the copies of your Facebook posts short. Remember that if the copy is too long the audience will just scroll past it into the oblivion of their feed.

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