Ayala Land optimistic about the Philippines real estate investment outlook

Avida Towers at Arca South Philippines real estate investment outlook
Ayala Land believes investments, such as Avida Towers at Arca South, offer significant upside

Some people may not be optimistic about the Philippines real estate investment outlook, but Ayala Land isn’t among that bearish group. The developer is confident that the impact of COVID-19 on the property market will be short lived meaning investors who act now could benefit from lower prices and a quick recovery.

A buyer’s market has started to surface in some segments of the real estate market. Meanwhile, there are developers mulling discounts and other incentive packages to stimulate sales. By taking advantage of these short-term moves that may not negatively influence the long-term Philippines real estate investment outlook, buyers could be in line to benefit down the road.

“We have seen in past crises how the property sector has constantly been able to recover after a downturn with values appreciating over time. Given our country’s stable economy, it remains one of the best options for investment today,” Ayala Land Estate Assistant Vice President Cris Zuluaga explained to Manila Standard. “The property sector posted consistently strong performance despite economic downturns while land values in strategic growth centers including Makati and Alabang continued to increase.”

He added that while many people don’t like to take financial risks during a pandemic, there is value to be had if you can find opportunities offering the potential of outstanding future returns.

Finding an opportunity 

It may be difficult to get a full idea of what the Philippines real estate investment outlook is at the moment. For investors, the best way to mitigate that risk is to target up-and-coming areas that aren’t dependent upon an immediate recovery.

This makes a place like Arca South an intriguing investment. The fully-connected business and lifestyle district south of Metro Manila is a low-density urban development that has the potential to be the city’s next CBD.

More importantly, the project could be setup perfectly for the “new normal”. An emphasis has been placed on the creation of low-density spaces that allow for more wide-open areas. All aspects of the mixed-use development have been designed to incorporate greenery as well. This approach is something that will be found in the residential projects, malls, offices and entertainment facilities.

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There are condo units in various Arca South residential developments currently available for pre-selling. Considering prices may never be lower and the future potential of the area, this is a property investment opportunity worth exploring.

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