Anchor Land launches a new real estate investment model

Copeton Baysuites real estate investment model
Anchor Land's new real estate investment model is available at Copeton Baysuites

As a developer, Anchor Land has always been mindful of property investors. Not only do they strategically launch products that have the potential for both capital appreciation and rental returns, but the company also create landmark developments and exceptional residential experiences.

Recently, Anchor Land launched a new real estate investment model that it believes guarantees minimal risks and better yields compared to traditional financial instruments. Dubbed ‘rentvesting’, the developer has worked diligently to create a program that meets the needs of property investors.

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“Understanding the evolving needs of investors is the key to Anchor Land’s success. As we mark our 19th anniversary this year, we are introducing ‘rentvesting’, an investment model that not only addresses investors’ concerns today but is also positioned to redefine the investment landscape,” Anchor Land president Elizabeth Ventura stated.

Perhaps one of the most significant pain points of traditional real estate investment is the lack of transparency. This is why Anchor Land developed an online property management app as part of its program. Now, you can check to see how your investment is doing at any time.

“Everyone uses their phone nowadays for everything. Banking, transportation, travel… so why not managing your property? Our online property management app does away with the traditional means of transacting with your Property Manager,” Ventura details.

Rentvesting has been available at Copeton Baysuites, an iconic new condominium in the vibrant Bay City. The project will boast rental-ready units that are delivered fully furnished with all the necessary fixtures and furniture. There’s no need for upfront work or out-of-pocket expenses. You are able to benefit from your rentvestment as soon as the property has been handed over.

Like all investments, the new real estate investment model from Anchor Land comes with risks. However, a lot of work has gone into mitigating these wherever possible. And with the real estate and tourism sectors in the Philippines only starting to recover, there is the potential for larger returns in terms of capital and rents in the years to come.

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