Design Tips That We Learned from Taylor Swift’s House Tour

Congratulations to Swifties out there! The pop star recently opened her super private house to the public through Vogue’s “73 questions” series! The said magazine’s May cover girl answered all important questions that will make any fan merry. We also had glimpse on what Taylor Swift’s massive Beverly Hills home look like. And need we say more? Just like her songs, Taylor Swift’s ultra modern house is a true design peg. Here are the top design tips that we learned through her quick house tour.

1. Dim lights will never go out of style

Taylor Swift's living room

As soon as Taylor welcomed us, we noticed right away the dimmed yet elegant lights in her living room. If you want a comfy and eternal winter vibe in your home, you should definitely choose to fill it with darker and browner lights. Installing elegant cove lighting will also ensure that the whole space is properly lighted in the most stylish way.

2. A space for inspiration

Taylor Swift's music room

As a singer and song writer, Taylor Swift needs a place where she can sit down and turn words to wonderful lyrics. Having a space where you can get inspired to work and let your creative juice flow is very important. Taking a note from Taylor, having a room filled with things that can inspire you is easy. Just allot a space in your home (or even your bedroom), fill it with books and awards that you received (look at the tiny Grammys that Taylor displayed). Adding a rustic piano wouldn’t hurt too!

3. Amp up your backyard game

Taylor Swift's Garden

Taylor also let us take a peek on her backyard. We love how she put a comfy sofa surrounded by big jars of plants on it. It’s the perfect place to be one with nature and of course, to read your favorite book! So kids, don’t simply throw away your old sofas. You can instead, transport it to you backyard so you and your guests will have a place to sit down in case of any reunions

Taylor Swift's backyard

Further evidence of Taylor’s great backyard game is the rustic vibe coming off from this all wood combination. The wooden chairs plus dimmed lights is the perfect equation if you want to achieve the laid-back look for your backyard. This type of style is perfect for chill-out sing-along BBQ session with your barkada.

4. Mind the patterns

Taylor Swift's patterns

Look at the black and white patterns of Taylor’s fireplace and chair! Adding patterns to your home design creates uniformity to the whole look. Black and white patterns in Taylor’s house can also be seen in her wallpaper. Another important note: just because two objects don’t look alike doesn’t mean that they won’t look together. Check out how fearlessly Taylor matched these rugs to her black and white patterns.

5. Embrace gold and metallic

Gold and Metallic in Taylor Swift's house

Even though Taylor’s whole look for the house is laid-back, she keeps it clean and functional in her kitchen. You can add a vibe like that on your kitchen by putting metallic materials in it. Check out the gold faucet and the silver and gold vases that Taylor stores.

6. Express yourself!

Taylor Swift's cat

You’re the boss of your home, so don’t be afraid to add a personal touch to it! Taylor manages to sneak in some of her quirky personality in her home. We all know how much the pop star loves her cats, and it’s very evident through the figurines hanging out in her cabinet. Adding your own quirk to your home will make it more charming, and of course, YOU!

What we learned today: Taylor Swift has not only mastered the art of writing heartfelt songs, she also has a great home design game! We look forward in seeing more of Taylor’s properties, and stealing her style too!

Screencaps from: Vogue’s “73 Questions”