Storage secrets perfect for small condominiums

Rolled towels with wicker basket on shelf of rack background

Small space is a major dilemma for condominium owners. This is the reason why “maximalists” are born. Maximalists are those unit owners who are experts on making a small space work. The key to being an expert in maximizing space is through creative storage use.  Here’s some foolproof tips on using storage to your advantage.

Multipurpose ottomans

Double duty ottomans are life savers. Aside from being stylish seats, specialized ottomans nowadays have secret storage inside; perfect for your doesn’t need to be seen trinkets.

Slim and clear ledgers

This storage idea is perfect for those who want a clean and stylish vibe to their home. Showcase your wonderful collection of knick knacks like books and vases for a nice sleek look.

Jar of hearts

Don’t throw away those bottled jars that was used during the holiday season. You can use these jars for storage of your kitchen staples like sugar, salt, and pepper.

Use every corner

Freestanding shelves and cabinet can help you store shoes, bags, clothes, and books. Put these shelves at corners of you unit to further save space.

Metal wall

Going vertical is still a fun way to add storage to your condominium unit. Hang your office trinkets by using metal hangers to your wall. Choose a bright hue to add a pop to your home.

Choose square containers

Square storage are easier to arrange and match together. You wouldn’t have a hard time finding a space in your condominium wherein you can put these containers.

Raised platform

Building your very own raised platform works best for limited space. It can be building your own space for your bed frame or creating a mini wardrobe. It’s a loft style design that’s definitely stylish and interesting to look at.

Look for unexpected places

Get creative! Everything is a storage idea if you think out of the box (literally).