Unconventional date ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if you still don’t have any date ideas, then we got you covered. Try something new this year with your special someone or your even with your friends! Here are some unconventional date ideas for the coming Valentine’s Day.

Go for a hike

The Philippines has tons of beautiful mountain and hike trails that will certainly keep the adrenaline running. Some of these trails are perfect for first timers. Go to Batangas and Nueva Ecija for beautoful mountains that are not that far.

Rent a luxurious condominium

There are tons of short term vacation properties if you want a simple and relaxing staycation this Valentines’ Day. Luxury condominiums in Metro Manila offers their amenities alongside the unit that you’re going to rent. Make a book here.

Museum hopping

You don’t have to leave Metro manila to enjoy some art and culture this hearts day. The National Museum still offers a free entrance fee. See the glorious works of Juan Luna and other notable Filipino artists. See contemporary art at the Metropolitan Museum. For science and technology related fun, hop on to BGC’s Mind Museum.

Indie film watching

If you and your loved one are true cinema auteur then you will enjoy these small time independent cinemas that keeps the indie movie scene afloat.  Check out Cinema ’76 Film Society’s impressive list of weekly films or visit the iconic Cinemateque Centre Manila.

Buffet binge

A couple that eats together stays forever. Bond with your special someone or your friends by going to a delicious buffet that will certainly make your heart – and tummy- happy.

Go volunteering

Send hearts to our less unfortunate kababayans this Valentine’s Day. Volunteer to your favorite charities and causes and make this day special for everyone. Project Perlas, Food for the Hungry, and Habitat for Humanity are just some of the organizations worth your while.