This is the most unique property investment opportunity in Bangkok

Finding a unique property investment opportunity in Bangkok can be a challenge. While there is no shortage of options, most of them are ordinary ones. You buy a piece of real estate, make some improvements and either flip it or use it to generate income. However, this can be limiting if you are someone who loves the city and its heritage.

RE/MAX Executive Homes is currently representing a unique property investment opportunity in Bangkok that is part of the city’s identity. This house was built in 1932 and has been a landmark in Talad Phu for nearly nine decades.

But it’s not the age that makes this property so rare. There is a rich history behind the residence that makes it part of the city’s fabric. It is the perfect real estate investment for someone who truly loves Bangkok and wants a once in a lifetime opportunity to create something special.

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The story behind this Bangkok heritage property

Dr. Kim Thailand house
Dr. Kim built the house in 1932 and it has remained in the family

In 1932, the operator of a local shop selling Chinese medicines decided to build a house. Known as Doctor Kim, he wanted a home near his store in Talad Phu. Eventually, he purchased a plot and built a colonial-style residence that was popular at the time.

Despite being wealthy, Dr. Kim was quite humble and recognized in the local community. In fact, every day he would walk to and from his shop, stopping at Wat Pho Nimit Sathit Mahasimaram, a local temple that is also still in the neighborhood.

Dr. Kim would raise his five children at the house with his eldest son, Colonel Boonrod “Rod” Siriwechkun, becoming a key medical figure. Colonel Rod was a highly respected military doctor who set up the first penicillin production facility in Thailand despite lack of support by international pharmaceutical companies.

Both Dr. Kim and Colonel Rod were mentioned by Luang Mueang, a famous writer, in his history of Plu Market. The house is almost entirely original and has been occupied by the direct descendants of Dr. Kim.

A unique property investment opportunity in Bangkok

most unique property investment opportunity in Bangkok
The land plot the house sits on can support additional structures

The house has recently hit the market and presents a unique property investment opportunity in Bangkok for those with a vision. Since the residence has never undergone any major renovations, it remains a true representation of the city’s rich history.

For example, the property boasts the original, stained glass windows that were typical of this era. Additionally, there is a secret room, a feature that is practically unheard of in Thailand. There is also room for some new development. The large lot the house sits on can support new structures or be designed as an outdoor venue.

Not only is this property brimming with a potential, but it provides the chance for investors to help maintain and share Bangkok’s vibrant history. This could be a charming tea house or upscale restaurant. It would make for a stunning boutique hotel. Envisioning this home as a museum or art gallery is easy. Maybe you want to restore it and live here yourself. The opportunities are endless.

Simply put, this is the most unique property investment opportunity in Bangkok. If you love the Thai capital and want a chance to preserve its heritage, then you can’t let this chance to do something remarkable pass you by.

This property is listed with RE/MAX Executive Homes and will only be sold to a caring owner who plans on preserving its history. Click here to learn more about the property. For more information, you can contact Khun Tanatporn Komasatit directly at [email protected] or call +66 98 184 4745.