What should you look for in a Metro Manila prime office space?

Century Spire Office
Employees want to work in offices that are centrally located and have flexible spaces

There is no official office grading system in the Philippines. Most of the major real estate consultancies use their own grading systems that involve prime being the best type of office space followed by Grade A, Grade B and so on. Metro Manila prime office space will always feature luxurious designs, lots of elevators, ample parking and be located in the best areas.

For overseas businesses looking to establish themselves in Metro Manila, a prime office space is where you will likely feel most comfortable. That’s because these buildings align closest to international standards, and in some cases can even surpass Grade A office buildings in more developed cities.

3 important factors when searching for a Metro Manila prime office space

1) Central location

Like all things real estate, location is the most important factor when choosing a Metro Manila prime office space. It should be close to both public transportation and major roads allowing employees to easily reach work. You also want the office to be situated in a place that is home to other businesses.

This is why so many companies choose to lease office space in Makati. The city has been the financial hub of the Philippines since the 1960s and The Wall Street of the Philippines, Ayala Avenue, is located here. Additionally, many of the largest corporations in the Philippines, such as Nestle and Smart, are among those with headquarters here.

2) Amenities that attract talent

The fight for talent in Metro Manila is fierce. If you are going to attract and retain the best employees, you need to have the best possible office space. For management, this can include something along the lines of valet service. Meanwhile, employees want nice lobby areas and easy access to dining and retail options. If your office building has these, it will be more attractive to top talent.

3) Worry-free services

The best Metro Manila prime office space is fully managed with leading professionals on-hand ensuring the building runs smoothly. And this isn’t just to make sure the building is open from 9 to 5. There should be around-the-clock security and maintenance ensuring nothing disrupts business as well.

Century Spire Offices are the ideal Metro Manila prime office space

Century Spire Offices is among the most in demand Metro Manila prime office space
Century Spire Offices is among the most in demand Metro Manila prime office space

Located in the heart of the Makati business district, Century Spire Offices are among the best professional spaces in Metro Manila. The state-of-the-art corporate offices are perfect for both local companies looking to expanding and international firms wanting to establish themselves in the Philippines.

The latter group can take advantage of the fact that Century Spire Offices are Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) accredited. These zones, which are designed to stimulate foreign investment into the country, provide tax and fee savings while also offering easier business operating conditions.

The office building itself has substantial on-site parking and plenty of elevators as well as highly-trained property management, security and maintenance staff protecting the building 24/7.

Century Spire Offices are connected to Century City Mall, a stunning shopping center with numerous retail and dining options for employees to enjoy. This, along with its central location, means Century Spire Offices is a place leading talent will be happy to work at.

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