DOJI LAND shines at the Dot Property Southeast Asia Awards 2022

  • Best Breakthrough Developer

DOJI LAND is one of the more unique developers in Southeast Asia. It was founded by DOJI Gold & Gems Group, the country’s leading name in jewelry and precious stones. That background is what drove the firm to focus exclusively on the luxury property segment when it launched a real estate business.

The developer uses jewelry as a guideline in the design of its projects. For DOJI LAND, the goal is to create architectural treasures with artistic value using cutting-edge technology. In Southeast Asia, that has meant liberating the functionality of real estate from conventional standards.

Driven by a desire to create masterpieces that offer unsurpassed quality of life, the firm made its breakthrough in 2022 thanks in part to work on projects such as Sapphire Residence which is designed to produce one-of-a-kind beauty just like the precious gemstone it is named after. At the end of the day, luxury isn’t simply a marketing tool for DOJI LAND, but a mindset that inspires their developments.

“Each project we create takes all our power and all our desire to create. That helps us make sure each project we bring to the market is unique,” Nguyen Anh Vu, Deputy General Director of DOJI LAND, stated.

The crown jewel of DOJI LAND’s portfolio is Diamond Crown Hai Phong. This stunning project features an exterior lattice made from a beautiful polished ceramic material that creates a luxurious appearance not seen before in Southeast Asia. It has become an iconic address and proof that the developer has truly broken through to the next level.

“In the project in Hai Phong in Vietnam, we make the project look very unique. A lot of people in the city dream to live in Diamond Crown Hai Phong. Now we are going to develop more projects across Vietnam and will look to do the same thing,” Nguyen Anh Vu said.

More than 45 developers, projects and real estate agencies were honored at the Dot Property Southeast Asia Awards 2022. Read more about the winners here.