In the midst of drastic changes and uncertainty, investing in the future is key to having security. Not knowing what tomorrow will bring highlights the crucial role preparation plays in securing a better future. 

Oftentimes, what stands between a person and a better life is a smart investment. Recognizing the need for a future-proofed investment option for the future-oriented investor, leading luxury residential developer Anchor Land offers an innovative solution. 

Soon to rise in the Poblacion district in Davao City is 202 Peaklane, a two-tower, 28-storey prime residential condominium designed to meet the demands of the future. It offers an elevated standard of living with its smart features, efficient configuration, cutting-edge design, and profitable business proposition through rental-ready units befitting the needs of the next generation. 

Better Features 

Features and flexibility at 202 Peaklane ensure a better life
Features and flexibility at 202 Peaklane ensure a better life

A better life awaits at 202 Peaklane as it goes above and beyond with its facilities and features. The tech-enabled home streamlines day-to-day routines with smart property technology (PropTech) built in. These smart features maximize convenience, promote flexibility, and guarantee increased safety of residents – all of which are vital in a dynamic environment. 

Seamless streaming and web browsing

Each future-ready residence is equipped with fiber-optic technology to ensure reliable and high-speed Internet connection for the best digital experience. Residents can work, play, and stay connected with the rest of the world right from the comforts of their smart home. 

Remote door locking and unlocking

Better security is guaranteed by the digital lockset in each 202 Peaklane unit. The app-controlled feature facilitates enhanced safety and remote monitoring of the property, enabling owners to manage key functions of their homes wherever they are and grant certain people exclusive access via customizable security codes. 

Increased safety and privacy 

For utmost privacy and exclusivity, as well as an added layer of security, the property utilizes a key card access system that restricts entry to the shared amenities and assigned residential floors only.  

Superior indoor air quality

Notably, even before the world embraced the value of clean air in their homes, Anchor Land foresaw the vital need of ensuring quality indoor air with the help of innovative technology. Thus, 202 Peaklane residents can be at ease as the Aspiro Air Purification System installed in each unit ensures the air they breathe is free of disease-causing pollutants and allergens. 

Better Environment

Better life extends outside the door of the tech-equipped residence as 202 Peaklane defines posh southern living with its amenities on par, if better, with those that hotels offer. 

Well-thought-out facilities

Designed with residents’ holistic well-being in mind, 202 Peaklane’s suite of well-appointed indoor amenities includes a well-equipped fitness gym, a dance studio, the fully furnished Society Lounge, a spacious function room, an exciting game room, and a state-of-the-art theatre and KTV. 

Resort-like amenities

Residents also experience the luxury of living in a resort-like home all year round. Soaking in the sun by the lap pool and kiddie pool, watching kids play at the Children’s Wetplay, and relaxing and bonding with friends while surrounded by lush greens and fresh air at the Social Zone are just some of the fun activities at the outdoor amenities. 

Convenient location

Additionally, the property’s strategic location in downtown Davao puts the residents close to essential establishments and in the middle of the city’s diverse local culture, varied leisure attractions, bustling business district, and endless opportunities. 

Better Lifestyle

202 Peaklane Davao
202 Peaklane boasts future-ready spaces that are fully furnished upon turn over

202 Peaklane levels up modern vertical living with future-ready spaces that are fully furnished upon turn over and configured to the dynamic urban lifestyle of the evolving market in the city. The condominium offers three types of residential units ideal for end-use and lease. 

Ideal halfway home

The rental-ready Lifestyle Suite is a studio unit built with two bunk beds that sleep four students or travellers looking for lodging in the city. Maximum convenience of residents is ensured as the unit comes with a separated toilet and bathroom that enables multiple use. Tenants can easily cook their own meals at home as it comes with a fully furnished kitchen that consists of electric cooktop, range hood, microwave oven, refrigerator, and overhead cabinets.  

Urban retreat

Meanwhile, a desirable alternative to hotel accommodation is presented by the Premium Suite, a studio unit furnished with two single beds and comes with its own balcony to fully enjoy the view of the vicinity. Offering more than traditional hotels do, the Premium Suite also comes with a fully fitted kitchen. 

A stylish residence

Starting families and expats who want to settle in the city can own a better life in the two-bedroom Family Suite. The residence features a well-thought-out living space complete with a fully fitted kitchen that comes with a sink, countertops, and overhead cabinets. 

The Best Investment Option

With better features, better environment, and better lifestyle on offer, 202 Peaklane cements itself as the best investment option. Its prime position in a fast-rising district captures a dynamic rental market for the advantage of owners putting their units up for lease. 

Their passive income stream begins upon turn over as each unit is already configured and fully furnished, and thus rental-ready. 

To reduce the stress that comes with leasing a unit, 202 Peaklane has a centralized online property management system where information about rental units, utility bills, and service requests are available for efficient tracking. 

And for the ultimate convenience of unit owners maximizing their investment through rental operation, Anchor Land offers the services of Anchor 100. The leasing and asset management service arm of the developer takes care of property listing, unit viewing, lease term negotiation, legal documentation, tenant move-in and move-out, rent collection, and unit maintenance. 

Anchor Land looks ahead with world-class and future-ready developments like 202 Peaklane. The residential property presents the perfect formula for modern living and profitable investment, which leads to a better life that can be enjoyed not just today but in the future.

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