Best Residential Botanical Development – Larossa

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Primehomes is bringing Larossa to the public, providing residents of Quezon City with the perfect location where they can live at the center of all the city’s hot spots in the process. Located at Capitol Hills, Larossa is an urban sustainable community composed of 10-storey condominium buildings that are elegantly designed to provide comfort and practicality to city dwellers.

The units and interiors provide unmatched comfort while the surrounding area has been designed to capture the imagination. Larossa boasts 3.6 hectares of land that showcases one of the greenest areas in all of QC. Those living here will be able to indulge in the breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape from their residences.

Among the most impressive features of this green space are the century-old trees and lush vegetation that provide tranquility to the entire estate. Despite being in the heart of QC and only minutes away from everything a person could need, Larossa feels a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Larossa QC
The green spaces in Larossa are stunning

Developer Primehomes was determined to redefine what living in harmony with nature was all about with Larossa as part of its goal to create communities that matter. Natural materials were used throughout the development to create the ideal natural environment for aesthetics, recreation and relaxation.

Larossa is the place to live for those looking to enjoy convenient and quality living where many great opportunities lie. No other development in QC offers residents a direct connection to space and nature as well as a modern living experience. This combination guarantees the best of both worlds.

Thanks to its innovative green spaces and commitment to providing residents with outstanding natural surroundings, Larossa has won Best Residential Botanical Development at the Dot Property Philippines Awards 2018. And while we’ve tried to use words to describe it, the project must be seen and experienced in person. This is the only way for its natural beauty to truly be appreciated.