Reasons why you should study in Cyprus

Studying abroad is a dream for many Filipinos. The opportunity to travel, experience quality education, learn a new language, and immerse themselves in a new culture is too good to pass up. Because of curiosity and wanderlust, many young Filipinos are now moving abroad to study.

One of the top destinations for Filipino students is Cyprus. Well known for its warm weather and gorgeous beaches, Cyprus boasts a European education system that offers students a quality learning experience. Below are the reasons why you should study in Cyprus.

Quality education system

Cyprus spends 7 percent of its GDP on education, the third highest total in the European Union behind Denmark and Sweden. Even though it’s a member of the European Union and the Bologna system, most of the universities in Cyprus adopt the American educational system that allows students to choose their academic load based on what they can handle. Business and tourism are the most common courses in Cyprus, but there are plenty of other courses to choose from.

Reasonable entry requirements

Having an EU citizenship can help in entering Cyprus, but other requirements for a visa or student visa are not hard to come by. Students are required to send a certificate of complete secondary education as well as a good score in TOELF or IELTS exams.

Affordable education

Education in Cyprus is affordable with tuition fees ranging from €3,400 to €8,000 per year. All talented students, local or foreign, are eligible for scholarship and reduction of fees.

Gorgeous weather

The Philippines is a tropical country so adjusting to Cyprus’ sunny climate is not going to be hard. The weather is perfect for enjoying the Cyprus’ finest locations and their pristine white sand beaches.

Easy access to neighbor countries

Dreaming of visiting Europe and Africa? Cyprus is in vicinity of these countries making it easier for any traveler to visit neighboring countries like Turkey, Egypt and Greece.

Cost of living is cheap

Moving to Cyprus is cheap and reasonable. Unless you’re going to spend all your money on luxurious hotels and fine dining, Cyprus actually offers cheap food and fair taxi rates. Getting a property in Cyprus is also very easy. If you and your family are interested on getting citizenship through investment in Europe, then check out Pafilia today. Find out more here: