Terreno South redefines how residential estates and nature coexist

Terreno South
Each house and land plot at Terreno South has its own tree

Terreno South is the first development in Lipa City, Batangas for developer Rockwell Land. The homebuilder selected a 38-hectare plot of land that was full of natural beauty and wonder. This was something the developer wanted to share with those who would eventually call the community home.

In order to do that, they opted to preserve the surroundings and greenery and incorporate it into the estate. Terreno South boasts two hectares of open spaces and pocket parks along with a one-kilometer linear park that winds through the development. But this is simply the start of Rockwell Land’s commitment to nature.

Thousands of mature trees that were on the land have been preserved to ensure there is a 1:1 house-to-tree ratio throughout Terreno South. In simpler terms, each house and lot will have its own tree once it is time to move in. This makes the project extremely unique in the Philippines where trees may be in common areas, but not on each plot. There are several different lot types available with sizes ranging from 120 to 250 square meters.

As you would expect, Terreno South has a plethora of amenities on offer. At the center of the community is a large clubhouse, swimming pools, a pavilion and sports courts. Jogging paths and biking trails weave through the estate and take advantage of the lush surroundings that offer shade.

Lipa City is known for its cooler climate which is one reason why it is a popular place to buy a home. Terreno South is strategically situated in the heart of Batangas with key establishments such as malls, churches, schools and hospitals, less than 15-minutes away. The project will also have a large retail center on-site to make life that much easier for residents.

Terreno South is truly one of a kind. The project has redefined how residential estates and nature can not only coexist but thrive as one.

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