Is now the right time to move?

Make your move an easy one with this simple guide. 

2017 is now upon us and many of us will have started the New Year with a resolution in mind. To get fit, to eat more healthily, to get a promotion at work or even to buy a property, are all common themes. Purchasing property is generally one of the biggest expenditures most people make in their lifetime with millennials still aspiring to be homeowners. Therefore to make this resolution a reality, take time to consider the processes of the move to work out if now is the right time.

1. Understand exactly why you want to purchase property.

Property provides a roof over your head, but also it is an investment asset too. If you are looking to move for somewhere for you to live, then you will need to consider the top three reasons as to why you want to move, and make sure that these are achieved in your new home. Are you wanting more storage space? Better facilities in the condominium or do you want to be closer to work? Remind yourself of these reasons so that when you find your dream property that it ticks all these boxes so that your new home has longevity.

2. Investment properties tend to have different criteria.

If you are looking for a buy-to-let property then the requirements are likely to be different than a property for your own use. It is imperative that you do adequate research in order to make sure that the property will work now and in the future to come. Vicinity to public transportation, location, appeal, and condition of the property are all vital considerations for renters. Speak with local real estate agents to decipher what the market demands and don’t lose sight of these on your search as it is important to think with your head rather than your heart for an investment property.

3. Check the market out online.

The Internet is a great resource of information for any person looking to move. Spend time looking through Dot Property to see what current values are and what rent you could achieve should you be looking for a buy-to-let property. This will help you make up your mind as to whether a move will bring your more space or higher monthly outgoings.

4. Get out and view properties.

Viewing properties is the best way to get a feel about whether it is the right time to move. It will give you a better understanding of what is available and what you can get with your budget. It will also help you be realistic too. Refer back to the top three reasons for the move to make sure you purchase is for you rather than an impulse spend as you have been wowed by the apartments shiny new interiors.