The Greenways at Alviera is perfectly suited for life under the new normal

The Greenways at Alviera
The Greenways at Alviera is a new project in Pampanga from Alveo Land

Developer Alveo Land launched The Greenways at Alviera as a community that would refresh daily motions, inspire holistic ways of being and bring new connections to life. It is part of an 1,800 hectare mixed-used estate in Pampanga that will be the region’s commercial, leisure and residential hub.

The Greenways at Alviera is tailored for life under the new normal. It boasts large spaces, endless green areas and an unapparelled range of amenities. What’s more, the expansive house and lot estate features well-planned unit layouts that allow for improved day-to-day living.

Nature plays a key role in that. There are five hectares of parks that spread across the entire community. They all lead to s large central park and amenities hub which are the heart of The Greenways at Alviera. Here you will find a clubhouse, swimming pool, basketball court, children’s area and picnic garden.

A low density with only 19 lots per hectare allows the entire estate to breathe. Residents can enjoy both privacy and a connection to nature from their own home, providing unmatched peace of mind.

In the past, we’ve highlighted the potential of Pampanga and the Alviera estate is one of the region’s up-and-coming new developments. It will be home to business and commercial spaces; leisure and tourism destinations; medical hubs; educational centers; religious institutions; industrial parks; residential communities; wide-open green spaces; and, of course, The Greenways at Alviera.

The result is a project that allows you to enjoy urban living in nature. There will be no need for endless commutes, confined areas or unhealthy surroundings. You can enjoy modern convenience inside The Greenways at Alviera’s friendly confines. It will provide an upscale living experience with the safety and security life requires under the new normal.

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