For Filinvest Land, going green isn’t a trend or catchy marketing ploy. It is at the heart of what the homebuilder does as part of its ‘Dreams Built Green’ philosophy. The Dot Property Philippines Awards 2022 winning developer is committed to sustainable, future-forward principles that ensure healthy and quality living for its communities.

“I believe that as one of the country’s most trusted developers, it is our responsibility to lead the Philippine real estate industry into going green. Bringing nature closer to our communities, prioritizing health and safety, as well as empowering our homeowners to lead productive lives are quintessential steps for a better normal,” Filinvest Land President Tristan Las Marias explained to the Manila Bulletin.

When it comes to going green, actions speak much louder than words. The actions of Filinvest Land can be seen at its residential developments where it continues to include large green areas for residents to enjoy. In addition to this, the firm aims to integrate the natural topography of where its projects are built to ensure they have a connection with the local surroundings.

The physical and mental health of those living at its developments is another reason why Filinvest Land places a strong emphasis on going green. From adopting advancements such as Venti-lite, a technology that allows natural light and fresh air to flow throughout a building, to crafting expansive outdoor recreational spaces, no expense is spared to ensure residents are always close to nature.

“The home is an important space for Filipino families. It is where bonds are strengthened, passions thrive, and families grow. This is the reason why here at Filinvest Land, we continuously strive to stay attuned to the changing needs and lifestyles of Filipinos,” Las Marias stated. “Knowing that the way forward is green, Filinvest Land will continue crafting green communities for the new normal and beyond.”

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