Bigpat Development continues its focus on affordable housing in Metro Manila

Bigpat Development
Bigpat Development plans to launch two dormitory-style projects in 2022

Since launching in 2016, Bigpat Development has focused on affordable housing in Metro Manila. It has completed several dormitory-style projects as it looks to provide people with residential options near the city’s central business districts that suit any budget. The firm will continue with its mission in 2022 with the launch of two new mid-rise projects.

Both developments are located in Makati and will contain a combined total of 160 affordable studio units. Bigpat Development expects to launch the new projects during the second half of this year.

“Our strategy is to continue investing and building affordable housing opportunities at ideal spaces and locations to ensure that our target market would be able to experience the convenience of location that is accessible to everything within the metro,” BigPat Development CEO Alfonso Bigeriego Patiño was quoted as saying by BusinessWorld.

Bigpat Development has completed two affordable housing projects in Metro Manila, including its flagship, 1182-bed dormitory. Like most developers, it was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, although it has a positive outlook with vaccination rates increasing across the Philippines.

“As the country faces improvement on the numbers of COVID cases, we are optimistic that there will be a steady growth again for the property industry that can catapult our business into helping more individuals who are looking for both short and long-term accommodations,” Jaime González, COO of BigPat Development, explained.

The firm’s projects are driven by demand from those wanting to live close to Metro Manila’s CBD areas. While a full return to the office hasn’t happened just yet, Colliers Philippines noted that many businesses began securing additional office space towards the end of 2021 in anticipation of in-person operations.

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