5 ways to upgrade your kitchen

The process to upgrade your kitchen needn’t be an expensive one with these top tips. 

Many of us start the new year with a resolution or a list of things that we want to achieve. The home is often at the centre of this as people want a fresh start or upgrade their existing homes. If your kitchen is dated but you do not want to invest in a complete refurbishment, then consider these following options which will make a real impact without a total overhaul.

1. Invest in a new tap.

A tap can easily be the centerpiece of a kitchen. So it pays to splash out on a new one as it will immediately set the tone for a kitchen. Provided that you get one the same colour and it is in keeping with your sink, you may not need to change the sink which can be a costly exercise. Shop around to consider your options and pick one with a hose attachment for that extra special look.

2. Freshen up the walls.

Applying a new coat of paint immediately make a real impact. White in a kitchen is particularly popular to keep the space bright and fresh. Plus it will cover over any stains left behind from cooking.

3. Change the tiles.

Upgrading the tiles on the floor or just the splashback behind the sink is one way of upgrading your kitchen without having to have a complete refurbishment. Go for a grey tile on the floor, the larger the better to make the room feel bigger and make sure it has a non slip quality. On the walls a brick style is becoming increasingly popular and team it with a darker grey grout for that modern look and to hide any discolouration from cooking.

4. Buy a new hob.

Changing the hob for a slick new one or even a ceramic one will immediately change the feel of a kitchen. Opt for one in a stainless steel rather than white to bring it on trend. It will become a pleasure to cook on rather than grabbing a takeaway!

5. Pick new cupboard units doors.

If you are really looking to make a change to your kitchen then this is probably the option for you. By changing the front of your cupboard units you can pick a new colour and the process itself is straightforward as the cupboard doors just get screwed onto the existing carcass. White and grey matt finishes are very contemporary and versatile to fit with your existing kitchen and this gives you the opportunity to upgrade your handles too.