4 easy feng shui design tips anyone can use in their home

Feng shui design tips 2020 easy feng shui design tips
Light flows are important for feng shui

Finding easy feng shui design tips that work just as well in condominiums as two-story homes can be challenging. There are a lot of articles out there that either provide advice that’s not always practical, such as painting your walls, or entirely too vague, like remove negative symbolism.

Today, the goal is to find easy feng shui design tips anyone can use in their home. These are tangible things that will take a few hours to complete at most. Now, we can’t promise these fill your residence with positivity, but they should at least help start balancing its chi in the right direction.

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4 easy feng shui design tips

1) Add light to dark spots

Light flow is extremely important in feng shui design. For starters, go around your house and see if there are any dark or dimly lit corners or rooms because these are a source of negative energy flows. The fix here is simple. Either add a lamp to these spots or strategically place a mirror that reflects light into these spaces.

2) Keep your entryway clear

The first thing many of us do when getting home is take our shoes off and toss umbrellas and whatever miscellaneous stuff we’re carrying to the side. This goes against feng shui principles. Get a shoe rack and use it while also considering adding holders for other items that may clutter the entryway.

3) Use round tables

Sharp angles are bad when it comes to feng shui. And while it’s impossible to avoid them completely, minimizing when possible is a positive start. Swapping out square coffee and side tables for round ones is the easiest solution. It will also ensure you don’t damage your shin on the sharp corner of a table in the middle of the night.

4) Add plants and water

One simple way to fix negative feng shui is to incorporate natural elements like plants or water. Something small, such as a fountain on a table or shelf, can accomplish this and add a bit of overall peace to your home. If you are able to take care of plants and have the conditions for them to survive, adding a few around the house is recommended as well.