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Delfina Olindao
Cebu City, Lalawigan ng Cebu, Pilipinas
Modestly assign with due diligence and sincerity I assist and help individuals in finding their ideal REAL ESTATE for their Business, Home and Investments.

Duly Accredited Sales Person with Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Accreditation # 20520 & duly registered at Department of Housing and Settlement and Urban Development (DHSUD) Reg. # R7-A-04/23-7441.

For my years of experienced as Sales Person I have helped number of individuals provide a decent and quality shelter for their families like subdivision houses and condominiums. Assists individuals in finding REAL ESTATE properties for investments and business used,

It is my passion and desire to continue this noble purpose in providing quality Real Estate Properties and quest to offer the Best Service.

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