Space flexibility is helping businesses in the Philippines survive the present and prepare for the future

Regus Philippines Space flexibility
Regus Philippines offers it clients space flexibility that supports the aims of their business

Philippine companies have been struggling to find their footing during the ongoing pandemic. It remains to be seen just when the business community can resume normal activities, but many firms will be faced with pressing issues when that time comes.

For some businesses, cost savings are required to navigate the current challenges. Others have found their office space needs shifting more quickly. And, of course, everyone is coming to terms with just how the ‘new normal’ is evolving the in-office experience.

Space flexibility has become more important now than ever before. Long-term leases and offices with no room for growth or contraction are no longer feasible. In times of uncertainty, bespoke office solutions are required.

This is why more people and businesses in the Philippines are turning to flexible workplace providers such as Regus. Everyone from entrepreneurs to multinational corporations have turned to Regus in search of greater space flexibility.

How does Regus provide space flexibility?

Regus flexible workplaces in the Philippines empower firms and individuals with the things they need to get to work, such as fully equipped facilities and scalability, without the burdens of a traditional office.

For example, the space flexibility provided by Regus has allowed SMEs to stay agile during an unpredictable time. Companies are able to pay for the space they need which is quite different than with a traditional office. SMEs are not only paying for the space they use in traditional setups, but also the space required for future growth even if hiring plans have now changed. And this doesn’t even factor in other expenses like office furniture which would also be needed.

Another interesting example of the importance space flexibility has in the Philippines is when it comes to startups with founders based outside the country. With the borders closed, these companies have found themselves in a state of limbo. There is a pressing need for a physical presence here but paying for an office that they won’t be using isn’t a good use of resources.

Virtual offices from Regus are the ideal solution to this problem. Startups receive a business address in a prime location, a local phone and other benefits even if they are unable to enter the Philippines at the moment. And once they are allowed to enter the country, it is possible to upgrade to a plan that includes dedicated space or move to another Regus location in the country.

No one provides more options in the Philippines than Regus

With 26 flexible workplaces across the Philippines, no operator provides individuals, startups, SMEs and MNCs with more options than Regus. All of the key business districts in Metro Manila are covered along with Cebu, Davao City and Clark.

Each flexible workplace can be tailored to your unique needs. Regardless of if you are searching for a dedicated office, co-working space, access to business lounges or a hybrid solution, Regus can provide it.

What’s more, Regus locations have the little things that help elevate your business. Access to meeting rooms provides a professional touch while the range of facilities at each location means you don’t have to worry about the finer details.

During a time where uncertainty has created challenges for businesses of all sizes, Regus is empowering companies in the Philippines with a tailored-made solution to office space. Regus’ ability to provide space flexibility ensures you are primed for success today, tomorrow and beyond.