Where are the safest Filipino cities?

Philippine home prices Metro manila
Philippine home prices rose significantly in the second quarter with Metro Manila recording the largest gains

The safest Filipino cities all have low crime rates and residents find them to be extremely secure. The country has built a reputation as being one of the safest countries in Southeast Asia and this fact was confirmed by a recent study from Numbeo, a collaborative database that reports on various stats including consumer prices, crime rates and health care quality from around the world.

The study found that five of the top ten safest cities in the region were located in the Philippines. Unsurprisingly, Singapore was named as the safest city in Southeast Asia thanks to its low crime rate and high-level of public safety. However, the safest Filipino cities placed in second, fourth, fifth, sixth and eighth place. Where are the safest Filipino cities? Keep reading to find out.

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The 5 safest Filipino cities


Located in the north of Metro Manila, it can be easy to forget about Valenzuela. It doesn’t boast the fancy malls or entertainment options of Makati, but was found to be the second safest city in all of Southeast Asia. Crime here was relatively minimal while residents were found to feel very safe.


As the Crown Jewel of Mindanao, Davao continues to shine. Not only is it home to an exciting property market, but the city’s impressive security and safety measures allowed it to be named the fourth safest city in the region. Davao has also been named “Most Child Friendly” and “Most Peaceful” city in recent years.

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Makati CityMakati

There are lots of reasons to love Makati. It is home to everything from fantastic music bars to amazing condominiums. Makati is also one of the safest places to live in Southeast Asia, according to the Numbero report beating out several other major metropolis including Bangkok and Jakarta.

Baguio City

Despite offering a much different vibe and lifestyle than Makati, Baguio City is just as secure as its Metro Manila counterpart and ranked as the sixth safest city in Southeast Asia. This isn’t the only honor Baguio received recently. It was named as a UNESCO Creative City in 2017.


The Cebu economy is creating growth in the Cebu real estate marketWe aren’t ashamed to admit that we love Cebu at Dot Property Philippines. The city finished at eight on the list of the region’s safest cities and when you combine that with the booming economy, you get one the most exciting real estate markets in all of Asia.

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