Your reliable Cebu property partner is PrimaryHomes

Best Condominium Development Cebu Almond Drive
Almond Drive is the award winning development from PrimaryHomes that has beenn very popular with buyers

Building outstanding developments such as Almond Drive is only one part of the equation for award winning developer PrimaryHomes. The company understands that it is important to provide clients with a complete experience that makes their life easy.

“We want to be a partner to our clients. Buying a home isn’t always easy and that’s why we are here to help them in any way we can. Not only do we provide them with a quality home, but we are there with property management and aftersales service. Home buying is a partnership with PrimaryHomes,“ Ramero Espina, VP at PrimaryHomes, explains.

PrimaryHomes’ Almond Drive development is one of the most exciting projects in all of Cebu. Here homeowners can enjoy a place that is spacious and offers a peaceful community. It features both walkup condominiums and townhouses ensuring condo living can be done comfortably. This is just one of the reasons Almond Drive was named Best Condominium Development Cebu at the Dot Property Philippines Awards 2018.

“We’re always trying to keep up with demand, which is strong in Cebu. And with the improving infrastructure, appreciation for units in Almond Drive will increase. The estate will be located near the third bridge that will link Mactan Island with Cebu,” Espina points out. “Despite this excellent location, prices at Almond Drive are very competitive. This leaves room for price growth in the future as infrastructure projects are completed.”

This is perfect for investors including OFWs and those from overseas. One of the most unique aspects of Almond Drive is that all the residences, including the townhomes, come with a condominium title. This means international investors can purchase all unit types at Almond Drive. This is simply one way PrimaryHomes is constantly innovating.

“We utilize our expertise and skills in other areas to ensure buyers are getting the best possible home that provides value for money. PrimaryHomes is always innovating from the materials used to build our developments to the financing options we make available to buyers all the way to managing the property once it has been turned over,” Espina concludes.