Ortigas East set to become a connected residential and office hub

Ortigas East
Ortigas East will serve as an extension to the Ortigas CBD

Ortigas & Co. rolled out impressive plans to redevelop its 16-hectare Frontera Verde property into a master-planned mixed-use community now called Ortigas East. The project will be built on efficiency and sustainability and the developer envisions it becoming a place where creativity and connectivity are cultivated.

“We are building this as an eco-efficient, connected community filled with the comforts that will allow people to live and move better inside a well-planned estate,” Ortigas & Company President and chief executive officer Jaime Ysmael explained.

The developer wants Ortigas East to be the new residential, retail and business hub in Manila. It will also serve as a natural extension to the Ortigas central business district.

Nature and the environment will be a key element at Ortigas East. Extra space has been provided for people to walk and bike throughout the complex. Ortigas & Company has also allocated nearly 40 percent of the total space for open parks and areas in order to have a balance amid the tall structures.

A transport terminal will be setup in order to assist people in getting around the property and to other destinations in the city. There are also plans to improve the road network inside Ortigas East to facilitate easy travel.

The current area is home to the popular Tiendesitas retailing hub and the developer has confirmed it will remain a part of Ortigas East. Ortigas & Company will eventually redevelop the shopping center so it better fits into the masterplan.

The project will be built in three phases and the developer estimates that it will take 15 to 20 years to complete. The first phase of the redevelopment will see Ortigas East welcome new residential, retail and office developments.

Increase office demand leads to new innovation in Ortigas

At the moment, office space in Ortigas is extremely hard to find with vacancy rates estimated to be around one percent. This makes it difficult for companies wanting to expand their presence and near impossible for businesses looking to shift their operations from other parts of Metro Manila to Ortigas.

Ortigas East will feature a significant amount of office space to help alleviate this problem. The spaces available will be flexible to suit businesses of all types including the growing number of non-Knowledge Process Outsourcing or traditional firms. Ortigas East will certainly be appealing location to companies looking for office space due to its low density, open parks, connectivity and retail options.