This just may be the ideal second home for those living in Metro Manila

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Finding the ideal second home is among the more unique challenges you’ll face. It needs to be both practical and fun. Most people want a secondary residence that is away from where they live but still convenient enough to get to on weekends. For some, this can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

However, one project has seemingly solved these issues. And it just may be the ideal second home for those living in Metro Manila. So, what development are we talking about and where is it located?

Today, we are going to learn a little more about Seafront Residences from developer Aboitizland. Let’s take a look at what makes this an ideal second home for those living in Metro Manila.

The ideal second home for those living in Metro Manila

About Seafront Residences

Seafront Residences
Homes at Seafront Residences face parks and not the street

Seafront Residences was designed to be a retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. It is home to a vibrant community by the beach where families can spend quality time together. However, this isn’t simply marketing speak. The development has actually been crafted as a tranquil, family-friendly destination.

The most notable feature is perhaps the fact many houses face pedestrian-only parks. Residents enjoy direct access and views to open spaces from their front door. Stepping out into these green areas also provides you with a glimpse of the coast.

Another interesting design element of Seafront Residences is how the roads throughout the development are orientated. These have been carefully placed to ensure traffic doesn’t disrupt the relaxed ambiance. It’s a small touch that makes a big impact.

From the gentle breeze coming in from Tayabas Bay to the lush greenery all around, you’ll feel a million miles away from the daily grind even if it happens to be much closer.


Located just outside San Juan in Batangas, Seafront Residences is about 125 kilometers south of Metro Manila. It is certainly a weekend getaway spot within driving distance which is important when you’re looking for a second home.

The region itself is also amazing. There are obviously plenty of beaches around. But the nature here is exceptional. You can go hiking, take in the mountains or relax in hot springs. Ultimately, it’s a place where you’re able to recharge your batteries and enjoy a different lifestyle from what’s on offer in the city.


The amenities at Seafront Residences make it feel as if you’re staying at a luxury resort. Let’s start with the outstanding beachfront clubhouse that possesses a lounge, recreation rooms and a grand swimming pool all with views of the sea. There is a second clubhouse within the project that has a swimming pool, view deck and other facilities.

Additionally, the development contains a town center that boasts a large gathering area as well as retail shops and restaurants. And throughout Seafront Residences you’ll find a number of parks along with other recreational spots, such as a basketball court and boardwalk adjacent to the beach.

Housing Types and Prices

villa building at Seafront Residences
A villa building at Seafront Residences

There are two types of housing at Seafront Residences: house and lots and walk-up condominiums. We’ll start by looking at the latter.

The walk-up condominiums are called villas because they are low density and offer a level of exclusivity that is unheard of for this type of project. The villa buildings are three-storeys high with each containing only 10 units. Each residence has its own reserved parking spot.

One-bedroom villas have roughly 45 square meters and feature a balcony. Prices start at PHP7.5 million. Click here for more details.

Meanwhile, two-bedroom villas are 54 square meters in size and come with two bathrooms as well as direct access to garden spaces. Prices for these start at PHP10 million. Click here for more information.

As condominium-titled properties, the villas at Seafront Residences are open to both local and foreign ownership.

Next up are the stylish houses which come in three- and four-bedroom varieties. Each version has three-storeys along with a private yard, patio and car parking. Prices for homes start at PHP11.2 million. Click here to learn more.

A second home awaits

With its ideal location along the beach, upscale housing options and unbeatable amenities, Seafront Residences is truly an ideal second home for those living in Metro Manila. And for anyone with flexible work arrangements, it just may be your primary residence. That is for you to decide.

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