How to Decorate your Small Apartment like a Pro for Christmas

It’s the time of the year again for Christmas decorations, gift-giving, the Noche Buena, and 13th month bonuses! It has always been the tradition of every Filipino to start decorating their homes for Christmas during the first week of December, so it’s time for you to start planning and taking out all the Christmas decors you’ve put away for the rest of the year.

For those who live in an apartment or condominium, it’s always a challenge to decorate that ample living space. You’re worried that putting too much decoration and lights might cause accidents. So if you’re having a hard time looking for some inspirations on how to decorate your small apartment, then don’t worry; we got your back!

1. Got a small balcony on your apartment? This looks like an awesome Christmas decor idea.

Balcony decoration for Christmas

2. Put that White Christmas atmosphere in your apartment with this cute Christmas tree decor.

Small and cute Christmas tree

3. Give love on Christmas Day…and the days before Christmas with the nifty, DIY Christmas Advent Calendar.

Advent calendar in your wall

4. Got too many books and magazines? Then use them to build an awesome (and educational) Christmas tree.

Christmas trees with books

5. Share the Yuletide spirit with your neighbors and guests with this simple front door decor.

front door christmas decor

6. Use wisely your walls and ceilings.

lights in your ceiling and walls for christmas
Snowflackes to decorate your walls in christmas
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7. Here’s a fun idea on how to decorate your counters for Christmas.

Christmas decoration for you counter

8. Small table but full of Christmas Spirit!

christmas decoration for your small table