6 of the most typical house designs in the Philippines

The real estate industry in the Philippines continues to bloom. And with its rise comes the proliferation of house designs in the country. Thanks to anew found buying power, Filipinos are now exploring more and more design options for their new home.

House design in the Philippines reflects the country’s history and culture. It also reflects the financial evolution that Filipinos have experienced. Below are some of the most common house designs in the country and how they reflect the living here in the Philippines.


Simplicity is beauty. Simplicity is also something Filipinos value. This type of house design can be found everywhere in the Philippines, from Makati to Mindoro. The bungalow is known for having a wide porch that allows people to receive more guests, a low ceiling, and no upper floors. The payak lifestyle that the bungalow promises speaks to every Filipino.


Subdivisions are everywhere in the Philippines. The most common type of house design that subdivisions offer is the townhouse. The townhouse proves to be more economical than a single house, especially for young Filipino families who are just starting out.


Wood is something that’s very abundant in this country. That’s why it’s no surprise that most houses here are made from it. Today, wood is not only a type of material, but it’s also used to accentuate warm tones in your house. The craftsman is the type of design that uses wood that embodies a homey feel.


Popular in grand spots like the Forbes Park, the minimalist house design takes simplicity to a higher and more stylish level. Houses with a simple white facade complimented with delicate colors is one of the most in demand designs, especially in more high-end areas.

Art deco

Art deco is a movement that can be traced to 1930s Hollywood. Made up of stylized structures and various pops of color, art deco is an evidence of the Western influences that arrived on the shores of the country.


Thanks to our Spanish influences, the Mediterranean design also made its way to the Philippines. Tropical and colorful, the Mediterranean design is filled with hacienda style accents like patios, balconies and ornamental details. This style is commonly found in highly Spanish influenced locations such as Vigan.

Of course the design of your home is still up to you. Hire an interior designer to help you express your creativity and expression through your home. Check out Dot Property to see what properties best fit your style.