Mouth watering dishes and restaurants in Pampanga

Hailed as the “Culinary Capital of the Philippines,” Pampanga is known for a host of delicious dishes that people can’t get enough of. If you’re planning on taking a food trip to one of the most historical municipalities in the country, here are some of the most iconic dishes that you should try – and where you can get them.

Sisig at Aling Lusing’s

Anthony Bourdain recently proclaimed that the world will fall in love with sisig. Sisig, a drunk food made of sizzling pork bits topped with egg, originated from Pampanga. Devour authentic Kapampangan sisig at Aling Lusing’s – the place where it began.

Halo-halo at Corazon’s

No one can create halo-halo the way Kapampangans can. Some halo-halo are filled with tons of condiments, but Pampanga keeps it simple by just mixing the right amount of beans, sweetened bananas, sweet corn and carabao’s milk. You can enjoy the classic Pampanga halo-halo at the iconic Corazon’s.

Bringhe at Bale Dutung

Also known as “Poor Man’s Paella,” Bringhe is the Kapampangan version of the Valencian rice dish paella. It’s a simple, yet delicious paella matched with native chicken and some raisins. Enjoy native bringhe when you drop by Bale Dutung, a restaurant headed by renowned chef Claude Tayag.

Exotic dishes at 19 Copung Copung

Pampanga is also known for having the best exotic food. Adobong camaro (crickets) is a new spin on a classic Pinoy favorite. Tocinong kalabaw takes the breakfast meal to a whole new level. Betute or stuffed frog tastes like a more adventurous version of your favorite fried chicken. All of these and more are all available at 19 Copung Copung, a Pampanga restaurant that has been serving the people for over 30 years.

The culinary scene in the province is not the only thing that makes it shine brighter than other provinces in Central Luzon. Pampanga is currently grooming one of its municipalities, San Fernando, to become a major business district. Meanwhile, municipalities like Angeles City and Subic are known for being expat friendly. The food is so great you might be interested in moving to this iconic province in the Philippines. Check out our properties located in Pampanga here at Dot Property Philippines.