Filinvest finds partner to assist with its proptech innovation efforts

Filinvest Activa Flex
Filinvest is focusing on both proptech and making projects more appealing buyers

Philippine developer Filinvest announced an agreement with Plug and Play, a leading Silicon Valley tech company, to assist with moving proptech forward in the country. According to a report in the Business Mirror, the partnership is designed to promote innovation in the Philippine property sector.

The goal for Filinvest is to develop and utilize real estate and smart living innovations. The partnership with Plug and Play lets the homebuilder connect with startups from around the world. Customers, employees and partners could all benefit from the proptech advancements that will help the developer to solve business challenges.

“We see that smart, digital technologies will drive the future of the property industry. We want to leverage tech as much as possible to transform our business, engage our customers and locators, as well as help make a lasting, positive impact to the local communities,” Filinvest President and CEO L. Josephine Gotianun-Yap told the newspaper.

Funding proptech is a key part of Filinvest’s plan to invest in new advancements and technology-driven businesses. The firm is encouraging department heads to locate new opportunities that can be improved or transformed via proptech.

“For instance, I recently talked about how drone inspection of Filinvest projects and properties will allow us to perform checks of various locations while safeguarding the health of our people,” Yap told the website. “This kind of innovative and practical solution, along with other noncontact tech-enabled interactions in our properties, will not only be helpful during this time when community quarantine are in place, but also in a post-Covid-19 setting.”

Plug and Play was founded in 2006. The platform has more than 10,000 startups and 300 official corporate partners and allows for the facilitation of introductions and meetings to stimulate collaboration opportunities.

Filinvest brings innovation to projects

While the proptech partnership will help the company move forward with technological innovations, Filinvest has already found ways to reimagine how projects can benefit property buyers. At its Activa Flex development, the developer was able to capture extra value for buyers by thinking differently.

Firstly, the residential project is part of a large mixed-use development that combines all aspects of life in one holistic environment. There is a residential tower, office tower, mall and hotel on-site that creates a place where residents can live, work and play.

Filinvest developed the project at a site it felt best suited for people wanting this lifestyle. Activa Flex is situated in Cubao, one of Quezon City’s busiest districts. Its central location is close to EDSA as well as MRT and LRT lines. Buyers benefit from the optimal location and lifestyle aspects of the project that will add significant value for years to come.