Benefits of Dual Citizenship for Filipinos

An individual that has dual citizenship is a citizen of two countries. Dual citizenship can be achieved naturally through being a child of two people who are citizens of different countries. It can also be accomplished by a specialized legal process that differs in every country.

More and more Filipinos are now applying for dual citizenship since having this type of access opens up many more opportunities. Aside from employment and a quality education, having a dual citizenship provides advantages that can definitely improve your life. Below are some of the benefits of dual citizenship and why you should acquire one.

Country privileges

Dual citizens can have the best of both worlds. They can enjoy the benefits and privileges from the two countries that they are citizens of. They have access to the social security system, can vote during elections, and enjoy medical benefits. Work permits are no longer needed since those with dual nationalities will have the right to work in both two countries. Studying in both countries is also possible.

Easy travel access       

Having dual citizenship means you have access to two passports. Each passport has its own privileges that can help you travel to other countries with ease. It also guarantees that the holder can enter in and out of each country without problem and remain there without any limits. For example, individuals with a Philippines passport can only travel to 60 countries visa free, while having an EU citizenship means that you can have easy access to the entire EU, including Austria, France, Germany, Spain, and many more countries all over the world.

Immerse yourself in a new culture

Filipino families want dual citizenship for their children so they can study, work, and be immersed in the culture of a new country. For example, Filipinos who move to Cyprus can enjoy affordable tuition fees, quality education, warm climate, beautiful scenery and a laid back lifestyle. They have excellent health care and enjoys 340 days of sunshine a year. Cultural immersion can improve an individual and open him or her up a wide array of possibilities.

Invest in a property

Investing in a property outside the country can make obtaining citizenship there much easier. For example, Cyprus offers a citizenship by investment program that allows, with a minimum investment of 2 million Euro, people from any country to obtain citizenship of both Cyprus and the EU. This can be obtained within three months, and companies such as Pafilia can help you through the process. Find out more here: