Co-living vs. B&B: The New Trend in Practical Investing

There is no place like home. But the lure of exciting opportunities in the metropolis takes people away from their familiar environment to areas more conducive to pursuing their dreams. With large-scale in-migration comes increased demand for temporary residential accommodation.
Besides leasing a property for interim use, which usually requires a six- to 12-month contract, two other transient living options are available in the Philippines.


B&B, or bed-and-breakfast, is primarily homestays targeted toward short-term travellers. As the name suggests, guests are afforded a comfortable bed and complimentary breakfast during their stay, which typically lasts from one to two nights. Since B&Bs are usually homes rented out by independent owners, both space and service are limited compared with professionally run hotels.


Co-living, on the other hand, is a community-centered concept that combines private living spaces with shared facilities. While the set-up of B&B aims to provide renters a comfortable place to stay, the infrastructure of co-living promotes cohabitation. Less utilized areas such as living space and kitchen are shared among occupants, who each has their own bed or bedroom.  

Do take note however that unlike regular dormitories, co-living offers an elevated experience with furnished units and amenities that highlight convenience and collaboration. As it is complete with the essentials, co-living is ideal for both short- and long-term rentals. 




Since they are developed to address the housing requirements of mobile professionals flooding into the city, co-living developments are commonly located in prime, highly accessible areas such as urban centers, employment hubs, and school districts. 

Another notable feature of co-living is the host of amenities (gym, concierge, etc.) and resources (communal space) available for tenants to share. This “sharing economy” allows renters to enjoy the convenience minus the additional expenses. 

Finally, co-living meticulously draws the line between privacy and social contact. Shared spaces instill a sense of community in its tenants, who can retreat into their private spaces whenever they like.



Cosmo Suites_03_Commercial Area_FA

Cosmo Suites, Anchor Land’s rising condominium in Manila Bay Area, elevates co-living with an intuitively set up model that guarantees hassle-free rental business operations anchored on quality accommodation. With reliable property management and leasing support from the luxury real estate developer, investors can take advantage of hands-free ownership while enjoying accelerated ROI and long-term gain. 

Vicinity Map_latest

Centrally located within the expansive Manila Bay Area, Cosmo Suites is connected by major thoroughfares and various modes of transport to Bay City, Roxas Boulevard District, and Manila.

Owing to its highly accessible location, it’s guaranteed a sustainable source of tenants composed of employees seeking to move closer to their workplaces at the Aseana City, Mall of Asia Complex, Entertainment City, and the cities of Pasay and Manila. Its proximity to Taft Avenue also makes it a practical but elevated halfway home for students and school personnel. 

Cosmo Suites_19_Superior Triple Bunk Beds V2_FA

Conceptually designed units of Cosmo Suites ensure ease of rental operations. Turned over fully furnished in a set-up similar to condominium, investors can immediately welcome co-living residents on day one. Spaces are equipped with smart features such as fiber-optic technology and key card access, and are configured based on the anticipated tenants’ lifestyle. 

This condo for sale in Manila Bay showcases rental-ready units. It features:

  • Twin Suites with two twin beds for dual occupancy
  • Double Bunk Suites with two bunk beds for four tenants
  • Standard Triple Bunk Suites with three bunk beds for six
  • and Superior Triple Bunk Suites with three bunk beds plus additional space for six occupants 

Cosmo Suites_08_TV Lounge V1_FA

Customer-centric amenities further set Cosmo Suites a cut above regular co-living facilities. These shared spaces foster seamless condo-living where everything – from commercial areas and fitness facilities to recreation and leisure spaces – are within reach. Tenants will enjoy condominium-grade amenities such as:

  • Cosmo Lounge
  • Mind and Body Center
  • Game Hub
  • Swimming Pool
  • Basketball Court

Finally, Cosmo Suites guarantees hands-free property ownership with convenient lease operations supported by Anchor Land’s Leasing Department and partner brokers. 

Together, these competitive advantages create a self-sustaining formula that turns Cosmo Suites into a rentvestment  generating a steady stream of passive income with minimal investment hazards.

Spanning 20  years of elevating lifestyles, Anchor Land is set to continue living up to its promise through Cosmo Suites – taking urban dwelling up a notch for individuals looking for a comfortable and convenient halfway home. 

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