Benefits of a mixed-use development

Mixed-use is one of the latest crazes in real estate today. A mixed-use development is an urban development that combines residential, commercial, industrial and cultural establishments together in one space. They can be found in highly urbanized areas such as Makati and Taguig are considered to be a mixed-use development.

Promising the best possible work/life balance, this type of property makes life easier for its busy body citizens. Below are some of the other advantages of a mixed-use development.

Stops residents from wasting time

Time is money and unfortunately it’s easy to waste with the horrendous traffic that we have to endure every day. Mixed-use developments help with time management by having all the necessary establishments in just one area.

Help the environment

Mixed-use developments also lessen the dependency residents have for cars. This means congestion and pollution are reduced since residents are able to drive less.

Provide excitement

Millennials now have the power to buy properties. They are also very keen on what they want to see on their investment. Younger generations are drawn towards properties that are exciting. Living in a place that combines fun and work provides the excitement millennials are looking for.

Promotes efficient use of land

Mixed-use developments help in maximizing the use of land. It also gives opportunities for nearby provinces to shine. Provinces like Bulacan, Pampanga, Batangas, and Cavite are now building business districts that have their own residential lots. This can help in deceasing the population in Metro Manila and put more jobs and opportunities in the rural areas.

Encourages a sense of community

Living in a mixed-use development can help in forming a sense of community, a new and improved sense of bayanihan, a Filipino term for coming together. For example, mixed-use developments in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig promote work matched with arts. The same goes to the new business districts in Bulacan that heavily champions the values if family and unity. Living in a mixed-use development can nurture a sense of unity that we could all use today.