More assistance needed as recent typhoons take their toll on the Philippines

Typhoon Vamco caused significant flooding in the Philippines with countless families now in need of assistance

Typhoon Vamco, also known as Ulysses, has ravaged the Philippines leaving at least 67 people dead with many more missing and thousands displaced. The storm caused huge floods and devastating landslides across the northern parts of the country. We here at Dot Property sends our thoughts and prayers to all of those impacted by the storm.

This was the 21st tropical cyclone to hit the Philippines in 2020 and follows Typhoon Rolly which was the strongest typhoon to make landfall since Haiyan in 2013. The toll these storms have taken can’t be understated and those in need can use your assistance.

Several organizations and institutions in the country are accepting donations to help the recovery efforts. Those overseas can make a financial contribution while anyone currently in the Philippines may donate goods in addition to money.


FrontlinersPH is providing hot meals to homeless and stranded Filipinos in Greater Manila that have been impacted by Typhoon Vamco. Donations are accepted via local bank transfers and PayPal.

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Philippine Red Cross

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) continues to lead typhoon response efforts in the country. PRC has numerous donation methods available including ones for those overseas. All money goes directly to those in need and aids in the recovery process. Here are some examples of how donations can help:

  • PHP 500 can help provide a hygiene kit for a family
  • PHP 5,000 can provide immediate cash for families to buy their basic urgent needs like medicine, and food
  • PHP 15,000 can go towards helping a family restore their livelihood
  • PHP 50,000 can go towards rebuilding a family home

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World Vision

World Vision is coordinating with national and local disaster authorities to look into the emergency needs such as food and life-support items in order to support the relief efforts of the Philippine government. The organization focuses on the essential needs of children and hopes to help at least 2,000 families.

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Save the Children

Save the Children is working to ensure that children and families in the hardest-hit province of Catanduanes have vital materials, including safe drinking water; family hygiene kits and plastic sheets that can be used as temporary shelter.

Kaya Natin! donations
Kaya Natin! is accepting donations to support relief efforts

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Kaya Natin!

Kaya Natin is a non-partisan, non-government organization based in Quezon City that is providing relief assistance to communities affected by the recent typhoons. Both monetary and in-kind donations are accepted. Follow Kaya Natin! On Twitter for additional information on their efforts.

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Citizens’ Disaster Response Center

If you are in Metro Manila and prefer to make a physical donation, The Citizens’ Disaster Response Center is accepting shelter kits, food, water, medicine and hygiene kits for communities impacted by the recent storms. Items can be dropped off at: 72-A Times St, West Triangle Homes, Quezon City.