5 things anyone who lives in the South can relate to

Known for being chill and adventurous, those who live in the South enjoy residing in this exciting part of Greater Manila. There’s no doubt areas in the South, such as Parañaque, Pasay, Muntinlupa, Las Piñas, Cavite, Batangas and Laguna, have become some of the hottest residential spots in the whole country. Check out the list below to see if you’re a certified tiga-South.

Meet up points are always in Makati or Taguig

Because of the heinous traffic, it’s hard for you and your friends who live in the North to meet up. That’s why you always have to meet in the middle. Makati and Taguig are the only places where you can agree upon since these locations are pretty near. Anywhere beyond these cities is simply impossible.

You’re always early in the office

Leaving your house after 5 am or 6 am is a big mistake. You’ll never make it to your morning shift on time if you’re not an early bird. Because of this, you’re always in the office early, sipping your morning coffee an hour before your shift starts.

People always know you’re tiga-South because of your accent

Batangeños and Caviteños can relate to this. Instead of saying “kumain” you always say “nakain.” Your thick Tagalog accent can reveal your true identityto anyone.

You’re a certified foodie

There are tons of food and dining choices that can be found in the South. Food parks and malls filled withtop notch restaurants are everywhere. Why travel to Quezon City when all the delicious dishes that you crave can be found in Alabang?And of course, who can forget Tagaytay’ssignature warm and filling bulalo?

Vacation spots are near

Those who live in the South have no problems on where they should spend their weekends. The white sand beaches of Batangas and the iconic Pico de Loro in Cavite are enough to satisfy the needs of any thrill seekers.