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PPCondo’s licensed brokerage team is committed to brokerage services for commercial real estate, condominiums, and industrial real estate in the Philippines. We cooperate with major developers to sell off-plan housing with zero down payment, existing housing with low down payment, second-hand housing and land.

1. Zero down payment for off-plan housing: A zero down payment on off-plan housing means that 10-15% of the down payment is paid off in 24-70 monthly installments, with only monthly payment and no interest. After paying the down payment, pay the balance;

2. Low down payment for existing houses (sold by renting): This type of real estate belongs to the existing houses that the developer has delivered, and only a small number of foreigners can have a low down payment, such as 10% down payment to move in, and then 30% to be paid in 4-5 years Clear, interest-free, and final payment. This kind of house has a low occupancy threshold, and it is sold on behalf of rent. In fact, the down payment is paid with rent. It is suitable for low-threshold buyers who are eager to move in.

3. Full-funded second-hand housing: The second-hand housing market is currently very hot and the price is not high, but most of them require cash and full payment. Suitable for powerful investors. The following is a selection of second-hand housing below market price:

4. Low down payment commercial and residential buildings or villas: this type of real estate is similar to the low down payment existing house, but belongs to the unique real estate developed by the developer, such as villas around international schools, offices in high-end commercial streets, etc.; this kind of real estate can generally be 30% % Down payment, then you can move in or rent out.

We provide licensed, professional, and legal brokerage services for individuals and companies, and provide you with a one-stop solution to the problems of real estate in the Philippines. Welcome to consult us about the relevant knowledge and laws of real estate in the Philippines.
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