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Makati, Kalakhang Maynila, Pilipinas
I'm into real estate for more than 5 years as a freelance Property Consultant As the trusted real estate agent/property consultant for my clients, I understand that selling and/or buying a home is complex and deeply personal. There is also a lot at stroke financially and personally. This perspective on the process and the responsibility felt towards my clients drives me to truly be an expert at the job. I understand the market, the players and all the variables involved in real estate transaction. I want to make sure you feel supported and that you have a trusted real estate property consultant List Your FOR SALE Real Estate Assets with Us. We can Handle the Lisiting, Marketing, Closing and Conveyance process Nationwide. As A Starter, Kindly be Positive About Your Pricing and not a Crazy High Price. Be Open to Negotiate, Prepare Your Title and Tax Declaration. Also We Appreciate to Receive Photos and Clear Directions to the Property. We will Assist You Step by Step as We Go Thru the Process of SELLING.