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Anthony Ang 洪培然 - AJRC Real Estate (房地產公司) Verified seller

AJRC Real Estate / AJRC Real EstateServices / AJRC Marketing is a real estate company in the Philippinesestablished to help clients maximize and protect their investments in realestate. 

AJRC is a strong advocate on the importanceof protecting real estate investments. We ensure that all our clients areequipped with proper knowledge to make informed decisions, and guide them toreduce investment risks.

AJRC is among the early adopters ofreal estate technology in the Philippines using the latest technology availableto make the process of buying and selling property faster, simpler, moreefficient, and more accessible to the ever growing real estate market.

We also believe that collaborationwith other real estate brokers and agents will enhance professionalism thatwill eventually lead to success in the real estate industry.  

In AJRC, we put ultimate value inproviding you quality service to make sure that you get the most out of yourproperty investment.