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Ferdie Camana Verified seller


The Rebace Real Estate and Development Corporation is a nationally ranked vibrant company that’s paved its way as a premier full service real estate firm. Our high level of customer service makes our clients comfortable, our market expertise makes them confident and the results make them smile. Tech savvy, advanced and involved in our industry, we’re often referred as the new way of real estate or the game changers. We’ve developed the most efficient physical and online platform for agents to operate from allowing them to be more client focused an profitable. In just the last few years we’ve become the fastest growing firm in the Philippines and have successfully opened our operation in Metro Manila,  Cavite, Laguna ,Lipa Batangas and Cagayan De Oro.


     Just like any other Filipino families. I was born poor at a very young age I already knew we had little opportunities and choices. Both my parents straggled to make our ends meet.  

     I remember when I was a young kid we're collecting recyclable materials in exchange of any amount. If I want to have a bottle of soda I must scavenge to look for crown with free soft drink mark remember that "Rodeo" root beer soda?

     Growing poor was actually a combination of  sadness and happiness. Sad because you know the limits of my parents monetary capabilities, happy because we know every time my parents bought us simple things like clothes and shoes during Christmas really makes our day.

     From there on we need to do something for us to uplift our lives, Thankfully our parents managed to get us college degrees thru Blood, Sweat and Tears. During my college days of course it's not smooth sailing. Just like any ordinary students you need to be resilient, Like worrying that today you have money and the following day you don't


     My wife and I always tell our stories to our children and hoping will give them motivation/inspiration to work their way up and to remember that what they have today are what we don't enjoy before.

     Honestly I'm sure all of you can relate and it's always fun to remember and to share our stories.

     Today I have a 2nd year collage student daughter and a Grade 10 high school  student son. 

Currently I'm a Senior Software Developer and Property Sales Specialist at the same time.

Thank you and I hope to see you and present the properties we're selling.